Testimonials 2013

3rd Annual Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference
17-19 June 2013
Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, UK.
Report by: Jonathan Hughes, ENT Registrar, Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK.

The third Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference was held at The Royal College of Surgeons in London. 300 delegates came to learn from the great and the good of adult and paediatric laryngology from around the world.

Professor David Howard started the proceedings with the presidential address. Mr Guri Sandhu and Dr Paul Castellanos gave engaging presentations on leading adult airway surgery. Professor Peter Belafsky delivered an insightful series of three lectures over the first two days of the conference covering dysphagia from the “lips to the stomach”. Pioneering research into laryngeal pacing and laryngeal reinnervation surgery was presented by Dr Gerhard Foerster and Professor Jean-Paul Marie respectively. Professor Birchall delivered a fascinating keynote lecture on stem cells and airway transplantation.

On the evening of the second day presentations were made to the best poster and oral presentation. The Isshiki Award for outstanding contribution to Laryngology was presented to Dr Frederik Dikkers. The David Howard Prizes for best poster and oral presentation were given to Chaitanya Gadepalli and Amanda Domer respectively.

The final day focused on paediatric laryngeal surgery with eminent speakers from Great Ormond Street and Cincinnati. Dr Mike Rutter gave an interesting keynote lecture on his experience of paediatric endoscopic laryngeal surgery at Cincinnati.

In addition to the lectures, two instructional half-day courses ran on the final day covering trans-nasal oesophagoscopy and vocal cord medialisation with live demonstrations and dissections using sheep larynges.

Overall the conference was a great success, providing delegates with cutting edge knowledge of airway, voice and swallowing management from the perspective of leading clinicians from multiple specialties and centres.



Presentation of the Isshiki Award for outstanding contribution to Laryngology to Dr Frederik Dikkers; flanked by Professor David Howard, Mr Guri Sandhu and Professor Martin Birchall (left to right).

Testimonials 2012

“I recently attended the Cutting Edge Laryngology 2012 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meeting was the second after the success of the inaugural meeting held in London 2011. This meeting highlighted the importance of laryngology being recognised as a sub-speciality in its own right within Otolaryngology. Laryngology is the fastest growing sub-speciality within otolaryngology today, the vast array of techniques and trends in management of primary laryngeal problems has never been emphasised as much previously as was in this meeting dedicated specifically to Laryngology. As a trainee Otolaryngologist I found the meeting immensely stimulating and educational, it helped me to identify gaps in knowledge for treatment of benign laryngeal lesions that can have a substantial impact on a patient’s quality of life to the management of much more complex cases that are often managed conservatively; however such patients’ could benefit from surgical treatments that can completely change their outcomes and most importantly improve their quality of life. It also introduced aspects of laryngology that one is not exposed to in day to day practice.”

“The conference not only showcased advancing new technologies and practices of management; but also presented esteemed worldwide speakers who shared their experiences and established treatments that are not seen in everyday practice due to the specific nature of the sub-speciality. From hearing about management of adult airway stenosis, awake airway dilatations and stents to being utterly impressed with the lecture on laryngeal transplants. This only highlights some of the fascinating topics presented.”

“The meeting was held at the University of Kebangsaan Medical Centre which is set in the heart of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. The Medical Centre provided an ideal location. The conference spanned over three days with a combination of lectures, including key-note lectures, live demonstrations, case based discussions, free paper presentations and panel discussions. The organisation of the meeting was swift and there were sufficient breaks in the day to allow for engaging with other participants and to meet with the speakers to discuss any issues or questions. The social event in the evening was held at the exclusive prestigious Petroleum Club within the Petronas Towers and provided a delightful evening of entertainment.”

“I was astonished by the level of expertise and knowledge of the speakers who had travelled worldwide to be present at the meeting. In addition to otolaryngologists there were a number of professionals from the multidisciplinary team who manage airway, voice and swallowing problems. It was interesting to get a perspective of the advancing work and research that is being undertaken by speech and language therapists, this made me realise that awareness of such work can impact the lives of so many patients that we see in our own clinical practice daily.”

“I would certainly recommend this meeting to those who are looking for an introduction to the most exciting, rapidly growing sub-speciality; to those who are interested in furthering their knowledge and advancing their practice in laryngology. The next meeting is due to be held back in the UK 2013.”

Testimonials 2011

“Excellent workshop, well done”

“Fantastic! Even for an otorhinolaryngologist who is not primarily a laryngologist.”

“One of the best conferences I have been to.”

“Almost too much to choose from + so I missed a couple of talks that were running concurrently. Otherwise excellent + stimulated many research ideas.”

“Well done, excellent meeting.”

“Very interesting conference relevant to general ENT trainees, very inspirational.”

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